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Kung Fu is a term for Chinese Martial Arts and Fighting Styles. 

Zonghe Quanfa Gongfu is a hybrid Chinese Martial Arts system with roots in Choy Lay Fut, Hung Gar, Northern Praying Mantis, White Crane, Sanshou (kickboxing), Shuai Chiao (throwing art), and grappling. 

Zonghe Quanfa Gongfu is considered a Chinese Mixed Martial Art.

Specialties: Chinese Martial Arts (Kung Fu), Kickboxing (both cardio & combat), Self Defense, Combat Applications, Qin Na (joint holds/locks), Dim Mak (Pressure Point application), Sparring, Shuai Jiao (Chinese grappling), Grappling, Wrestling, Weapons Training, Qigong, Meditation, and more.

Head Instructor

Sifu Tom Lugo has over 30 years of martial arts experience. Tom Lugo's background includes Choy Lay Fut, Northern Mantis, Hung Gar, Wing Chun, Judo, Shuai Chiao, Sanshou, Jeet Kune Do, Military Hand-to-Hand Combat, Grappling, and Internal Arts.

Tom Lugo has competed at the local, national, and international level and has won many Champion and Grand Champion titles in empty hand forms, weapon forms, full contact fighting, and sparring. He has been inducted to multiple Martial Arts Halls of Fame. 

He is also a stunt and fight coordinator, actor, and stunt man for action martial arts film.


Si-Jo Zonghe Quanfa Kung Fu

Si-Suk Choy Lay Fut Kwoon Kung Fu

Si-Di Hung Gar Kung Fu

White Crane Certified Instructor


China Combat Sports Association

International Wushu Sanda Federation- Pennsylvania USA President

World Baoding Sanshou Kuai Jiao Federation

Blue Phoenix Entertainment Stuntman, Fight Choreographer, Actor

Universal Song Do Kwan Alliance

Blue Phoenix Entertainment, LLC

United Fellowship of Martial Artists (Advisory Board Member)

Universal Systems of Martial Arts Organization (Advisory Board Member)

Honors and Achievement:

United Fellowship of Martial Arts Hall of Fame Inductee

International Chinese Martial Arts Master of the Year 2013

Action Magazine Martial Arts Hall of Honor for "Outstanding Achievements in Martial Arts" 2014

Master of Martial Arts Award for "Outstanding Achievements in Martial Arts" 2014

SiJo Rank Certification and Recognition Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame  2014

Hall of Fame Inductee Philadelphia Historic Martial Arts Society Hall of Fame 2015

Action Magazine Martial Arts Hall of Honor for "Ambassador to the Martial Arts" 2015

Master of Martial Arts - Martial Arts Excellence Award 2015